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Never Hire Unlicensed Contractors

When hiring a contractor for your next home remodeling projects always remember the cheapest contractor available may be the one who will cost the most in the long run.

Most people don’t understand the risks and therefore don’t do the proper background checks on contractors, and they often end up regretting it. Having a license is critical because it protects both parties from anything that might go wrong during the process.

Horry Handyman is fully licensed and insured with over 23 years experience remodeling homes.

Unlicensed contractors have advantages that enable them to provide the lowest prices. They don’t have to pay licensing fees, don’t have to obtain a workers compensation to protect their workers and more often than not, don’t purchase liability insurance. Without these added expenses, the unlicensed contractor can provide their services at a rate lower than the legitimately licensed professional, but it puts the consumer at risk.

If you hire an unlicensed contractor and he falls off a ladder while doing roofing work at your home, you’re liable. An unlicensed contractor will also try to cut corners on the work because they don’t have to adhere to building codes, so if a hurricane hits, or even a severe thunderstorm, your house or business may not hold up to South Carolina weather conditions.

Many times we hear about customers paying a contractor for a new bathroom renovation to only take there money without doing any work. These are organized criminals who canvas neighborhoods and business areas to lure you in with cheap prices.

  • Avoid door-to-door solicitors.
  • Insist on references.
  • See there previous work
  • Check for proper license and insurance.
  • Check out credentials.
  • Make sure the contract can be broken if you don’t receive financing.
  • Hire a contractor with a real office, not just a post office box address.

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